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Single Top Plate Tie Down Connector

Single Top Plate Tie Down Connector

The patented design of the Burmon Cyclone Bracket delivers the most secure tie down system for single top plate to truss/rafter connection in the world. The Burmon Brackets unique design means we are able to fix the perfect number of fixings into the top plate without disturbing the timber enabling the spreading of the load over the whole connection. Burmon combine impact driver technology with its patented (Australian Patent 2013209390) bracket to deliver the most efficient and effective truss/rafer tie down system available, saving time and money.

  • Easy and Fast to install
  • No Fumbling to get straps wrapped under top plate
  • No Skew nailing means no damage to plate
  • Six screws into top plate deliver same capacity as a strap wrapped under
  • For Extreme Tie Down Capacity Requirements use Burmon Over Strap


Single Top Plate Brochure
File size 6.46MB

Specifications and Data

Limit State Design k/N Number of Fixings Timber Joint JD3 Timber Joint JD4 Timber Joint JD5
Burmon Screws Supplied 8 11.1 7.4 5.8
Burmon Screws Supplied 12 11.1 11.1 8.7


  • 35mm Burmon Screws
  • 8 screws ( 4 into top plate and 2 into the truss/rafter each side)
  • 12 screws (6 into top plate and 3 into truss/rafter each side)
  • Use Burmon Over Strap for 18k/N plus Tie Down Requirements
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