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Burmon Building Products

Burmon Building Products is a leader in the Global Building Industry in designing, engineering and manufacturing structural building products that provide disaster resilient capabilities resisting high winds, hurricanes and seismec forces. 

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Burmon's range of products include patented roof truss connectors, patented joist hangers and patented floor joist bracing systems. Burmon products are 20% - 50% higher capacity than standard connectors at half the cost of connectors with simular performance capabilities.


Whilst current minimum building code standards are considered safe, this does not guarantee the buildings resilience. 

In 2020, there were 16 weather/climate disaster events with losses of $1 billion each to affect the United States and 2020 was the sixth consecutive year (2015-2020) in which 10 or more billion dollar weather and climate events have impacted the United States (NCDC).


Burmon's mission is to serve the global building industry by providing affordable, high capacity, high performance structural connectors that help provide stronger and safer homes & buildings protecting those people living and working inside them.