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Product Certification & Warranty


Burmons Cyclone Bracket (Australian Patent 2013209390) Assembly has been invented, designed and manufactured to be used principally for the installation and tie down of Roof Trusses to Wall Frames for the Standard Australian House Build. The Information provided on this web site is to give architects, engineers, building designers, builders, tradesmen and installers the necessary information regarding the Cyclone Bracket Fastening Assembly System and its use.

General Notes

Burmon's Cyclone Bracket (Australian Patent 2013209390) Assembly must not be substituted with any other materials or products. All Building and Construction projects installing the Cyclone Bracket Assembly must be built in accordance with the BCA or an appropriate Australian Standard. The Installation of the Cyclone Bracket Assembly must be followed according to the Instructions of the recommended Installation & Fixing Guide. Due to continual product improvement, Burmon Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the Cyclone Bracket depicted – both in description and application. Current information can be viewed on the web site: www.burmon.com or by email to sales@burmon.com.. The design capacities of the Cyclone Bracket (Australian Patent 2013209390) Assembly are in accordance with the following Codes & Standards,.

Codes & Standards

The Cyclone Bracket Product Design Capacities in this guide have been derived from testing and engineering computations in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards as follows.

AS/NZS 1170.0:2002 Structural Design Actions Part O- General Principles AS/NZS 1170.1:2002 Structural Design Actions Part 1- Permanent, Imposed & Other Actions AS/NZS 1170.2:2002 Structural Design Actions Part 2- Wind Actions AS4055:2006 Wind Loads for Housing NASH Standard:2005 Residential and Low Rise Steel Frame Part 1- Design Criteria AS3566.1:2002 Self Drilling Screws AS 3623:193 Domestic Metal Framing AS4100:1998 Steel Structures Code AS/NZS 4600:2005 Cold Formed Steel Structures AS1720.1:2010 Timber Structures- Part 1 : Design Methods

Product Certification

Burmon Pty Ltd warranty includes:

The Cyclone Bracket is certified by Registered Structural and Civil Engineers for the Australian Building Industry in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and Building Codes. The Cyclone Bracket is free from defects in the material and manufacturing. The design capacities shown within this web site and product brochures are in accordance with test results and current relevant Australian standards and the Building code of Australia. The Cyclone Bracket Assembly is structurally adequate provided it is installed and used in complete accordance with the guide included on this web site and its print out brochures.

Burmon Pty Ltd warranty does not include:

Any damage of the Cyclone Bracket Assembly after the manufacture and supply. Any damage to Timber joints. All Timber joints are to be free from wood splitting, decay or other timber defects within the joint of within 150mm of the joint.

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